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The price of the New Mazda2 Skyactiv 2015 In Japan starts from IDR Dibanderol 149,2 Million

Japan's Latest Mazda2 Car. Finally the Mazda Motor Corporation (MMC) was officially opened for booking inden's newest hatchback car New Mazda2 or in Harga Kawasaki Ninja 250 FI Japan commonly called the Mazda Demio. The Mazda Japan has been targeting the latest generation Mazda2 car if it could sell up to 5,000 units per month.

The All-New Mazda2 2015 provided with two variants of the kitchen runway i.e. petrol engines as Harga Honda Scoopy FI well as diesel engines are both supported by a system of front-wheel drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive or AWD.
Additionally, on the latest hatchback car from Mazda's technology brings the SKYACTIV ranging from machine transmission, body and chassis, so the weight of the Mazda2 2014 is much lighter compared to the variants are not using the technology. There is a choice of three engines that are already provided by the MMC for its newest car, the kitchen runway, 1.3 1.5 liter gasoline engine and G SKYACTIV last IE 1.5 liter diesel engine SKYACTIV d. Third variant is combined with a manual transmission and a six-speed automatic.
Compared to the previous generation that this latest Mazda2 has a slightly larger size, the length of 4.060 mm, height, 1,500 mm, distance of axis of 2.570 mm. as for the width alone does not change at all i.e. keep 1.695 mm.

Unfortunately the new own booking available inden for Japan market only and are sold at 1.35-2,192 million yen or if dirupiahkan equivalent to Rp 149,2 million to Rp 242,3 million.Meanwhile Indonesia's new markets will be available in the IIMS 2014 or later to be exact start date September 1, 2014.
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