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The difference of the New Honda CBR150R 2014 local and Thailand Version

current news about the release of the latest Honda CBR150R sports bike local version is being Harga Yamaha R6  discussed by the lovers in the midst of sportbike homeland. And up to this point already registered hundreds of people who had booked the motor Assembly in the sport.

Not a surprise indeed because Honda CBR150R local versions have the look more attractive compared to the version of Thailand. And the most interesting thing is Harga Yamaha Xeon RC the price is now much cheaper than before.
If Honda CBR150R imported from Thailand used to have a price of about $ 40 million, then the Honda CBR150R results local assemblies only dibanderol Usd 28.5 million start for the standard variant up to Idr 29.1 million for type Repsol Edition.

In addition to experiencing price difference between the two, it turns out there are a few other changes that owned Honda CBR150R Indonesia-made with a version of Thailand. For example, look ahead now already use headlamp dual keen eyes sehigga very similar to the Honda CBR250R.
Then on the chassis of the motor if the Honda CBR150R old version using the twin spar, then on the Honda CBR150R Indonesia has made wearing Diamod Truss so that more powerful but still lightweight.

Of course with a different chassis that makes the second variant has the dimensions of a body is not the same, for example in the old version has a length of mm 1977, width 695 mm, height 1,130 mm and wheelbase 1,310 mm. Whereas on New Honda CBR150R Indonesia measuring 1,995 mm x 711 mm x 1,117 mm and wheelbase 1.296 mm.
Even so the rear body and design as well as the engine was unchanged at all the capacity 150 ccm, 4 valve, DOHC and supported acceleration of the 6 manual transmission. But it turns out the energy generated by the latest version of the Honda CBR150R is better compared to the version of Thailand.

At the time the test is performed by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) some time ago a local Honda CBR150R is able to speed sped up to 131 km/h, whereas in the old version was a little below that is only 130 km/h.
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