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Design of the New Yamaha Fazer FI India has emerged the 2014

Entering the second half of 2014 is the Yamaha India preparing to bring motor sport half fairing Yamaha Fazer i.e. newest FI. And the pictures are already starting Harga Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS to circulate in cyberspace since quite some time ago. Before The Yamaha India also recently released the New FZ-S or a twin Yamaha Fz16 in Indonesia but has been carrying the injection technology.

If seen from the photos that the latest generation of Yamaha Fazer 2014 has also designs Harga Yamaha Jupiter Z1 and shapes that are not much different than before. It's just that now the graphics and also the front look more sporty and more charming.
For example, form the now-shaped tapered headlamp, in addition on the back turned out to be very similar to the Yamaha FZ-Series. Yamaha Fazer 2014 would come in three colors namely Red Dawn, Black Hawk and the last White Cloud.

It turns out not only the look of the back just like Yamaha Fz16, but the kitchen was also equal the capacity of 149 cc which is able to produce up to 13.1 dk as well as peak torque reached 12.8 Nm. that means the capacity of Yamaha Fazer latest is smaller than ever before, which has 153 cc.
But unfortunately though have the look more stylish and sporty, the motor sport's latest is still using tromol rear brake as a safety feature. If only the Yamaha Fazer FI 2014 already brings the technology brake discs of course look more macho and certainly more assured of its security.
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