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GM stopped selling Chevrolet Corvette

Detroit (Reuters) - car dealers got a notice to stop selling the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Harga Yamaha New Vixion Delivery of plants also halted temporarily by General Motors (GM), Chevrolet automotive company brand holder.

GM says no recall of the Corvette community, but they also do not say that there will not be a recall.

As quoted by Reuters, GM did not say how many Corvette problem that has been up to the consumer Harga Honda Spacy GM spokesman said some of the Corvette have been sold to consumers and there may have one of two things causes the termination of the delivery and sale of the car.

GM spokesman, Alan Adler, said the two issues that affect Corvette problems not related to reports of a traffic accident.

GM said about 800 Corvette dealer may be produced by only one of the two parking-brake cable rear. This will be fixed by a technician.

According to Autodata Corp., sales reached 23,500 in the United States until August this year, up 235 percent from last year.
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