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Toyota's sales reach 30,644 units in East Java

Sales of PT Toyota Astra Motor in East Java Province from January to August 2014 reached Harga Yamaha Mio Fino FI 30,644 units or 31.87 percent of the automotive market in the region.

In a written statement confirming the achievements mentioned by TAM as a market leader in the area of ​​East Java.

TAM assess the demand for motor vehicles in East Java driven a number of factors and privilege in the province.

This is related to the strategic position in the field of industry and commerce for the region as a gateway to East Indonesia as well as the development of trans-Java toll road  Harga Kawasaki Z1000  Meanwhile, in the second quarter / 2014, the rate of economic growth in East Java was recorded at 5.9 percent or higher than the national growth rate of 5.12%.

Achievement of East Java's economy according to TAM is evidence that East Java is one of Indonesia's largest economy and has good economic growth and tend to be consistent.

TAM pointed out during January to August 2014, Toyota's sales in the region of Kediri, there were 1570 units or an average of 197 units / month, with a market share of 26.7 percent.

TAM assess Kediri have the privilege as a regional transport route connecting Surabaya-Malang vBulletin and Nganjuk, as well as having the tobacco processing industry and a major sugar trading center.

In addition, a service center and Kediri economy in Kediri Residency, is believed to be increasingly grow in the future as one of the main drivers of the economy in East Java. In addition, Toyota's sales in the City of Probolinggu during June-August 2014, approximately 60 units / month or a market share of 31.8 per cent in the region.

TAM assess the demand for motor vehicles in Probolinggo driven by a number of factors and privilege in the city, including a position as one of the sources of agricultural and national suppliers of onion, tobacco, potatoes, and fisheries center, as well as its position as a traffic lane to the area Bromo.
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