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Tata Ace EX2, micro diesel pickup first in Indonesia

After two years of preparation, PT Tata Motors Distribution Indonesia (TMDI) Micro Pickup vehicle is ready to launch the first diesel engine in Indonesia, Tata Ace EX2 Harga Honda CB150R Tata Ace 702 CC engine EX2 TMDI offered as a solution in increasing economic activity in rural and urban fringe regions in Indonesia.

The press release mentions Tata Ace TMDI EX2 can be modified through the "car body" Harga Kawasaki Ninja 250 Mono according to user needs, such as aluminum box into a vehicle, junk cars, transport gallons of mineral water and so forth.

Tata Ace EX has sold more than 1 million units in various countries. After more than 9 years, Tata Motors launched the new Tata Ace EX series, the Tata Ace EX2.

"After going through a rigorous testing vehicle for two years in Indonesia, we believe Tata Ace EX2 which have advantages in operating costs," said President Director TMDI, Biswadev Sengupta.

Tata Ace EX2 also been getting some adjustments according to feedback from prospective customers prior to launch in Indonesia.

As vehicles are environmentally friendly (eco-friendly) and super efficient, Tata ACE EX2 will be officially launched on 18 September 2014 at the Tata Motors pavilion at Outdoor OD 9, JI-Expo, Kemayoran Jakarta.

Procession of launch will be attended by executives International Commercial Vehicles Business Unit of Tata Motors Ltd.
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