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Nissan to prepare 13 types of car at IIMS 2014

PT Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) will prepare as many as 13 types of cars at the Indonesia International Motor Sport (IIMS) 2014 which will take place September 18 to 28 next. "For Motor Show (IIMS 2014) later, we have prepared Harga Yamaha R25 13 kinds of cars that will be on display, all variants of Nissan, including the all-new Nissan X-Trail., But we will focus on the X-Trail," said General Manager of Marketing Strategy, Communications and Product planning Division NMI, Nur Budi believer, on the sidelines of the launch of the latest product of Nissan, on Friday.

In addition, he said, it will also prepare some of the cars that will be modified at IIMS later. " Harga Yamaha Jupiter MX Then there are some cars that we will modfikasi. We will also prepare a variety of events and programs," he said.

The theme "For Every Excitement in Life," Budi said, it does not target sales figures for IIMS later.

"We do not give specific targets for sales during the motor show. We thought, not installing bullet was the specific target. We just want the X-Trail (All New X-Trail) Motor Show was a success and could be a means for the customer to know Nissan products , "said Budi.

Although admitted to not target sales numbers, but Budi said, specifically for the X-Trail, is expected to reach 3000 booking until next October. "To All New X-trail, we can later target until October 3000 booking yes. Ordering get through Nissan dealers," he said.

As reported previously, the All New Nissan X-Trail start is priced at Rp 383 million (variant 2.0 L MT) to Rp431,5 million (2.5 L CVT variant). While the 2.0 L CVT variant marketed at a price of Rp413 million.

However, Nissan set up a pricing strategy by launching, in which the latest products will be marketed at a price of 28 million lower than the normal price.
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