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TVS Motor Futsal Competition Title in 5 cities

PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia hosted the TVS Apache Futsal Competition nationally in five cities. The open competition was held in Yogyakarta (20 November), Banjarmasin (20 November), Lampung (20 and 27 November), Pontianak (26 November) and Bandung (December 2011).

At the same time also held the competition band, race photography, modern dance Harga Yamaha Mio GT competition, freestyle stunt, city touring and safety riding training for TVS Motor Community (TMC) and diverse entertainment and challenge turbotune interest.

Nurlida Fatmikasari, Corporate Communications PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia said the games were an opportunity for India's motorcycle manufacturer Harga Yamaha R1 to introduce motorcycle unggulannya i.e TVS Apache RTR 160 cc sport, as well as TVS, duck Tormax super 150 cc. "the title of this event was intended to TVS Motor which was known as the motor of India to the more well known by the public at large," said Nurlida Fatmikasari in the description of a press release.

Motor Sport TVS Apache RTR 160 cc has received awards such as MOTORING AWARDS 2011 for The categories Best Performance & Handling, The Best Fuel Consumption, The Best Design; The 2010 AWARD for Best AUTOMOTIVE Performance AUTOMOTIVE Handling and & AWARD 2009 for The Best Design.

While TVS Tormax 150 cc has just awarded The Best Construction from the Indonesian Government of The Year (IMOTY) 2011 Motorev magazine features innovations that reinforces super duck as an option for young people who have passion, energetic and stylish hi-tech.

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