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September 12 2014


New Suzuki Hayabusa 2014 Indonesia is ready to be marketed in the near future?

As we know that as long as we get to know PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) R2 always rely on motor underbone Harga Honda Revo FI Suzuki Satria FU 150, but this time the SIS also designate presents the latest moge reportedly ready to be launched on September 25, upcoming.

One internal source mentions that moge to be marketed in Indonesia later in fact already been in introduce at the Jakarta Fair in 2014 JIExpo some time ago.
And an estimated moge is the Suzuki Hayabusa or in other countries commonly referred to with the Suzuki GSX1300R. Motor sport-touring is currently Harga Honda CBR 150R entered in the ranks of the fastest motorcycle in the world. It is indeed not surprising as the Suzuki Hayabusa engine is large enough that reach 1,340 cc. Endro Nugroho as Senior Director of SIS R2 explained that moge Suzuki Hayabusa had started to gain a positive response for lovers of touring in the homeland.

That was evident when the Suzuki Hayabusa was present in the Pekan Raya Jakarta last year 2013 and already booked as much as 5 units by consumers even though at that time it was around Usd 350 million.
Although it is currently unknown how much later, but it is certain that for the model to be launched in 2014 has a design more interesting than ever marketed in 2013 then. So we just wait further development!

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